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7 Unique Star Wars Rogue One Items For the Perfect Start to 2017

Posted: 01 Jan 2017 01:57 PM PST

Star Wars Rogue One Action Figures

A movie as good as ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ is bound to have some awesome memorabilia and items inspired by it.

We’re happy to share some of the coolest Rogue One stuff we found on Amazon. They’re not cheap, and some of them are going to be special limited releases, only coming out in a few months time. But for a huge Star Wars fan with some money to spend, there are some unique items here that will give you a lifetime of connection to a fantastic movie and film franchise.

Star Wars Rogue One Death Trooper Helmet Replica

This awesome Death Trooper Helmet Prop Replica is only going to be available on July 31, 2017, but I recommend ordering it as soon as possible, because I have a feeling it’ll run out of stock very quickly.

Rogue One Star Wars Figurines (Chirrut Imwe, Baze Malbus)

Awesome porcelaine Star Wars figurines approved by Lucasfilm. In this case, it’s the dynamic duo of Baze Malbus and Chirrut Imwe, the coolest dudes in Rogue one.

Star Wars Rogue One AT-ACT Toy

Rogue One gave us the ultra cool AT walkers after a long hiatus from the feature Star Wars film. This is awesome toy that includes NERF darts, and also Jyn Erso is you feel like using someone to sabotage it all.

Star Wars Rogue One Death Trooper Massive Figure

If you’re a massive fan of the Death Troopers in Rogue One, this massive 31-inch figure will make you a very happy Star Wars groupie, with a classier home as well.

Star Wars Rogue One K-2SO Massive Figure

Or maybe you’re a droid kind of person, so have fun with this huge K-2SO figure, looking menacing and snarky all at the same time.

Star Wars Rogue One Action Figures

Death Troopers (again), Director Krennic, Cassian Andor, Jyn Erso, Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus: The perfect Star Wars Rogue One action figure set.

Rogue One Scarif Stormtrooper

If you’ve gotten tired with Death troopers, here are the beach troopers (not sure they’re actually called that) that got massacred on Scarif. They’re quite awesome, and a nice, rugged change compared to the clean-cut stormtroopers or deathtroopers.

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